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CEC provides candid and expert advice in support of litigation.


Environmental Expert Testimony

CEC provides litigation support for individuals and the business community in a full range of environmental and toxic tort situations where the United States government is a not party and does not have a substantial interest.

We provide technical analysis and strategies for case development, including gathering of additional environmental data.  We also provide environmental expert advice and testimony with cases involving adverse human health and ecological effects from a range of toxic chemicals, including pesticides, lead, arsenic, mercury, asbestos, and PCBs.

Depending upon client preferences and particular cases, analyses can be prepared as University of Illinois School of Public Health work products.

Environmental Expert Testimony Cases:

Waste Disposal in Alaska

Expert testimony was provided to the Attorney General, State of Alaska, in a criminal case concerning human health and environmental impacts from improper waste disposal adjacent to oil fields.  An environmental risk analysis was provided as well as court testimony. As a result uncontrolled waste sites were promptly cleaned up.

PCB Hazards

Testimony was provided in a U.S. Department of Justice administrative hearing concerning human health hazards posed by PCBs, including acceptable levels of exposure.  In a separate case depositions were prepared for the Department of Justice case concerning Outboard Marine Corporation Bankruptcy.

Health Injury

On behalf of attorneys for plaintiffs, expert health assessments and testimony were provided in separate personal cases involving exposure to formaldehyde, chlordane, and pentachlorophenol.