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Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development

CEC works with nations and states to assess problems such as adequate water supply, agricultural productivity and energy resources, providing environmental solutions that lead to long-term environmental sustainability.  Many developing nations, industrialized counties and indigenous populations face challenging environmental issues.  For some it is access to safe drinking water or sufficient water to meet agricultural demands with increasing population growth and poverty. Others need to develop effective long-term environmental solutions and strategies to address decreasing energy resources and potential environmental impacts, including global warming, from fossil fuel use.

CEC provides comprehensive environmental assessments identifying problems that present threats to long-term sustainable development. For proposed development projects we conduct environmental impact assessments.  We work with clients to develop ecologically sound environmental strategies and solutions to address the most challenging environmental scenarios.

Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development Projects:

Midwest Environmental Assessment

While with U.S. EPA Region 5 in Chicago, Dr. Milton Clark led a team of scientists to evaluate the leading environmental and human health threats from various environmental problems present in the mid-west (states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin). The problems included major concerns such as water pollution, air pollution, hazardous waste disposal, pesticide use, habitat loss, and global warming.  As a result of this evaluation, EPA and state environmental agencies shifted priorities to develop strategies to mitigate the adverse effects from more severe problems such as habitat loss, non-point source water pollution, and contaminated sediments in the Great Lakes.

Russia and Ukraine Consultation

Like many former soviet block countries, Russia and Ukraine face enormous and costly environmental issues.  Russian and Ukrainian scientists were provided training in state of the art technical procedures used in the United States to quantitatively assess environmental topics. These procedures were subsequently used by governmental environmental agencies to better address and resolve environmental problems in their countries.